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Reenergize and Refocus by Taking Work Breaks like a Pro

Let’s face it, every now and then we all sneak a scroll on our socials to take a quick break from work. But did you know that social media can be a productivity vampire that sucks the life out of your focus? Yikes.

Don’t worry though, taking a break isn’t the enemy here. In fact, breaks are crucial for boosting energy levels, lowering stress, increasing productivity and focus, and generally keeping your brain from functioning at the speed of a slow-motion replay of a snail race. You just have to make sure you are taking your breaks in the right way!

A productive break should be:


Figure out what you need from this break (i.e., maybe you need to stretch your legs or reduce your stress levels) and give yourself a set amount of time for it. And hey, if it means taking a quick power nap, who are we to judge?


Many big thinkers recommend setting routines to increase creativity and productivity, and the same goes for scheduling your breaks. Mr. Rogers swore by routine, and there is no way you can argue with Mr. Rogers.


Sitting at your desk all day can be a real snooze-fest, so give your brain a much-needed jolt by stepping away from your screen. If you work on a busy shop floor then take a moment of blissful silence where you are safe from customers saying ‘It must be free’ when an item doesn’t scan.


Most importantly, what you do on your break should make you feel happy and stave away stress and anxiety. So, go ahead and shut your office door so you can belt out some Shania to your heart’s content.

So, there you have it folks, take your breaks seriously but not too seriously. And remember, if anyone catches you scrolling on your phone at your desk, just tell them you’re doing research on productivity and link them this blog (wink wink).

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