Celebrating 50 years of recruiting and staffing excellence in Vancouver! About us.

Marni has been a highly successful temporary staffing recruiter with Temporarily Yours for over 30 years, where she is directly responsible for the full-cycle recruitment, interviewing and selection of our temporary employees.

She services a wide variety of corporate, public sector and government accounts; filling both short and long-term temporary requests that range from administrative, IT, accounting and data entry personnel to senior level Executive Assistants.

Marni’s strong customer service orientation and focus on quality have been key elements in her success at determining client needs. Her expertise at matching temporaries to just the right assignment is something that our many clients have come to rely upon and her professionalism and uncompromising standards result in consistent, quality service for Temporarily Yours’ clients.

Marni works alongside Alison Cassidy and, together as a team, they are committed to building a partnering relationship with our clients and our temporaries.

In her leisure time, Marni enjoys hiking, kayaking, golf and loves dogs.