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Summer is in Full Swing! Need help?

All HR Managers know that their organization’s ability to remain competitive and move forward can be suddenly derailed when life happens. And let’s be honest – there was a lot of life happening in 2020/2021. One thing that most employers didn’t have to deal with? Multiple and often conflicting vacation requests from their employees.

Most of us weren’t going anywhere anytime soon and have forgotten how to even pack a suitcase (pro tip: Use suitcase packing cubes. Game-changer.) But vacation planning is a thing again, with personal and organized gatherings starting to become a reality. And chances are your employees are eager to hit the road to visit loved ones and have some summer fun. If your workforce is like most, you’ll need to prepare for this contingency.

If you haven’t started thinking about what this season may mean for your staffing needs, there’s no time like the present. You may have several employees wanting time off between now and Labour Day. Or you might have a need for coverage in critical roles between permanent hires. Hopefully these absences won’t cause a slowdown in your productivity, but if this happens, you may need a short-term hiring strategy that involves employing temporary staff.

Here’s a great solution to get the help you need, when you need it.

Reach Out to a Temporary Staffing Firm

Utilizing a staffing agency is your most expedient and cost-effective way of covering your staffing emergencies and planned absences. Rather than pulling one of your other employees to cover the other position, let our experienced temporary staff bridge the gap. That way your staff can remain in their own positions allowing your customers to continue to receive the same level of attention and care they deserve.

As a staffing firm that has built one of the best temporary staffing services over 45 years, we are always engaged in recruiting new candidates. Temporary staffing is a flexible solution to many circumstances, offering interviewed, referenced and pre-approved temp workers who are ready and able to work for you immediately. It is particularly valuable if you require a very specific skill set for a short period of time.

With temporary workers, you can essentially receive on-demand, expedient coverage and you aren’t locked into a full-time schedule. You pay only for the services you need, without the expense or commitment of a full-time employee.

Your recruitment agency of choice (and we hope it’s us!) can offer access to a large network of qualified talent that can transition seamlessly into their assigned role in your organization to help you maintain productivity on an as-needed basis.

And if the summer temp is a Rockstar? Seriously consider finding a permanent role for them in your company – you’ll avoid spending the extra time and money involved in orientating a new hire and have the peace of mind knowing that they already fit in perfectly with your team.

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Posted on Jun 03, 2021