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Unsung Office Heroes

We sat down the other day with one of our unsung heroes who plays such a key part in the success of our temporary staffing business.  Meet Chona Gempesala, our Payroll Coordinator!  If you have been, or are, a Temp Ambassador for us or you have utilized our temp staffing services, then you know Chona!

Chona is celebrating her 3rd year anniversary this year with Hunt Personnel Temporarily Yours and we are so happy to have her on our team.  Thank you for everything that you do for us, Chona!

Chona Gempesala – Temporary Staffing Payroll Coordinator

 Chona, what is your role at Hunt Personnel Temporarily Yours?

I am the temporary staffing Payroll Coordinator for Temporarily Yours.   My job responsibilities are computing wages, deductions and vacation pay and it also includes processing timesheets accordingly.

I also review computed wages to ensure accuracy and part of that is doing all of the checks and balances too.

Another responsibility that I have is doing electronic fund transfers of temporary employee’s salaries and wages during paydays; thus it also entails addressing temporary employees’ concerns about their pay remittances and ensuring all of them that they are properly compensated and paid on time. In the event that there are new hires, promotions, transfers and termination of employees, it is my responsibility to update payroll information.

What do you like best about your job?

My job requires a lot of skills, including patience and, most of all, zero errors when it comes to numbers!  And that’s what is best about my job: because over the years of my experience in this field, I had already acquired most of the skills that I needed. Here at Hunt Personnel Temporarily Yours, I have honed these skills further and have been able to utilize my full potential. 

What I also like about this job is the motivation brought about by the challenges that I have encountered along the way. Those challenges I have surpassed gave me so much satisfaction, especially knowing that both my manager and the VP of the company are always so appreciative, and, also the temporary employees when you handle and address all their payroll concerns effectively.

What do you like to do during your downtime?

Being busy with my career and at the same time a solo parent, I rarely have time to do anything that is not productive! But, whenever I have some time, I listen to my favorite music and play the piano. If I get lucky and have more free time, I take pictures of everything that catches my attention, nothing specific, just anything around the neighborhood, a really effective de-stressing activity for me. I would also call my close friends and we talk about anything, as we share our passion for music and other stuff.

What has been your biggest challenge during Covid?

I have four school-age children and because of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools closed and transitioned into online learning.  This gave me the most challenging role as a parent and a career woman. I was caught between my job and the needs of my kids. I need to supervise them in their home school activities and at the same time meet deadlines as I work to maintain productivity in my job. Fortunately I have been able to surpass all the hurdles and meet the challenges during this pandemic!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of my colleagues again on a more regular basis as we start to gradually return to a more normal work environment.

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Posted on Apr 21, 2021