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Temporarily Yours Overview

Temporarily Yours – Temporary Staffing Solutions That Work

Finding qualified temporary staffing when you need it and in a cost effective way is what makes us the first choice for staffing help of many companies throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. With exceptional customer service, prompt response times and an extensive data base of reliable, highly skilled temporary staff, we can help you stay productive whatever the challenge you have.

Helping you service your customers

We know that nothing is more important to you than your own customers. At Temporarily Yours, we understand that doing business today demands an extraordinary level of commitment to customer service. And we also know that every member of your teams plays a key role in fulfilling that demand.

When you’re faced with an unexpected absence, or during planned holidays or any situation, rather than have your own staff cover the extra position, let our experienced temporary staff bridge the gap. That way, your staff can remain in their own positions, concentrating on their own priorities – allowing your customers to continue to receive the same level of attention and care they deserve. That’s how you stay ahead of your competition. That’s what temporary staffing is all about.

Qualified personnel

With an excellent reputation, long-term relationships with industry leading companies and a name synonymous with quality, Temporarily Yours is the recognized leader in temporary staffing in Vancouver. As a result, we attract the best temporary personnel in the region.

All of our temps have a minimum of one year’s working experience doing the exact job you need help staffing in as well as a proven track record of producing first rate work. So no matter what your company does, what industry you are in, or which department needs helps – administrative, customer service, accounting and finance and many more – we can provide the right people with the right qualifications.

When to use a temporary staffing service

Temporary staffing is a flexible solution to many circumstances that can arise at any time. Here are a few examples of when Temporarily Yours could be of help to you:

  • during staff absences
  • during heavy work loads
  • completing time sensitive projects or seasonal work
  • an urgent need for more employees
  • you need a very specific skill set for a short period of time

Gain control of any staffing emergency

From your first call to us, our temporary recruiting consultants will take the needed time to review the exact requirements for the position. And you’ll know the status of your request in quick time. The result – you’ll get the right temporary help you need – the right person with the right skills and experience, who shows up where and when you need them.

In-depth testing and evaluation

Our comprehensive evaluation system is amongst the most thorough in the industry. We test for a wide range of knowledge, including software expertise, written language skills, clerical abilities, data entry proficiency, even eye for detail aptitude. Whatever your requirements, we can test for the skills most important to that position.

Then, to put our test results into context, each temporary candidate meets with one of our temporary recruiting consultants. Very experienced and highly skilled interviewers, their ability to ask just the right questions provide an accurate profile of the individual’s personality, strengths and suitability to any temporary assignment. Complete and accurate assessments of our temporary personnel means you’ll only see the best people covering your temporary assignment.

Talk with a staffing consultant you know – every time you call

Nothing can replace experience when it comes to matching candidates to your temp assignment. Our temporary recruiters have the most experience and the longest tenure with our employment agency than any other. That means you can work with the same temp recruiters year after year – who are already familiar with your business and your specific staffing needs. With the right person selected, you’ll spend less time on orientation and more time focused on your work.

Partner with us

When you partner with Temporarily Yours as your preferred staffing agency, our expertise, recruiting power and systems will allow you to focus on growing your business, not staffing issues. We can deliver the qualified talent you need, as you need them and for as long as you need them. Call us today to find out more.

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