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Hunt Personnel Overview

Hunt Personnel Permanent Recruitment – Build Your Vision Here

You’re an entrepreneur, an HR manager or a department leader. You have a clear vision of the kind of company you want to create, which customers you want to win and the team you’ll need to reach your goals.

Competing for the best talent is more challenging than ever before. Finding and securing the best talent ensures you remain a strong competitor. We’ve been finding the best talent to help employers build their companies the way they’ve envisioned since 1974.

Recruiting Power – A leading reputation attracts the right candidates

We’ve carefully built an industry leading reputation in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with hundreds of companies for quality service and delivering measurable results for them. That quality reputation helps us attract talented and skilled candidates through word of mouth and referral. Also, our website is a high traffic and referenced site, drawing active and passive job seekers alike who are looking for new job opportunities with companies like yours. Our recruiting power can be the difference maker for you in finding just the person you’ve been looking for, with the skills and experience your position demands.

Experienced, talented and creative recruiting consultants

Nothing can replace experience when it comes to selecting the right candidates to present to you for your job opening. Our professional recruiters have years of experience and tenure with our company which has provided our clients with consistency in service and in the quality of candidates we present, year after year. It all begins with taking the needed time to clearly understand every requirement of the job you’re looking to hire in. Experience the benefits and advantages of working with our highly skilled interviewers, with the ability to ask the right questions to provide you with the most accurate profile of a candidate’s strengths, suitability and ability to thrive in the job and help grow your company.

A cost-effective service – Done right the first time

Recruiting can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor to do on your own. Creating a job posting, posting it on several platforms, sifting through, organizing and reading an endless number of resumes received, trying to figure out whom to shortlist and then trying to schedule interviews with those candidates. That takes a lot of time, more than you might think. And your time is valuable. Let our recruitment systems take all that away from you and provide you with professionally selected candidates from our experienced recruiters, along with all the key information you need to make the right hiring decision the first time.

Thorough Evaluations and Detailed Reference Checks

Hunt Personnel is structured in a unique way that allows us to dedicate more of our resources to conducting detailed, professional reference checks and testing for the skill sets that are most important to the position you need filled. A proper and detailed reference check is critical to see how a candidate will perform in their new potential role with you by verifying how they performed in the past. Also, our comprehensive evaluation and tailored testing system has delivered outstanding results for our client companies time and again.

Guaranteed to Take the Risk Out of Hiring

Making a hiring decision through us means you’ll never have to start again from square one. To eliminate the risk of hiring on your own, we guarantee every placed candidate with you for an agreed upon term from their start date. We have you covered. Call us to find out more.

Partner With Us

When you partner with Hunt Personnel as your preferred recruiting agency, you’ll be working with a dedicated recruiting team that takes the needed time to understand every detail of the position you need help recruiting for and who offer years of successful experience in interviewing, assessment and selection of the best candidates in the market. Put our recruiting power and experience to work for you. Call us today to find out more.

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